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Farmer Steve Buchanan Omaha Discusses Why Farm to Table Dining Is Essential for the Economy and Environment


Nebraska farmer Steve Buchanan Omaha discusses why farm to table dining is essential for the local economy and the environment.

The farm to table movement has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many deemed farm to table dining as a fad at first, but years later, this trend is looking like it’s going to stay. Nebraska farmer Steve Buchanan Omaha is an advocate for farm to table dining, and he recently discussed how its beneficial to the local economy as well as the environment.

“First and foremost, as a local farmer, I’d like to emphasize how much farm to table dining helps us farmers,” Steve Buchanan Omaha said. “Farm to table restaurants provide an incredible amount of additional business for us, and in tough times, it’s what keeps local farms going.”

Steve Buchanan Omaha explained that the farm to table movement has increased profits on his farm. In turn, he has been able to adapt his crops to suit what restaurants need. Steve Buchanan Omaha explained that he’s happy to take special requests from restaurateurs to provide the crops they’d like to cook and serve in their restaurants. He added that the restaurants are typically overjoyed to receive the fresh and delicious products that are grown on local farms.

“Most people think farm to table dining has to be expensive, but that’s not the case,” Steve Buchanan Omaha said. “It can be an ideal way for restaurants to save money by serving the fresh crops that are abundant during the season.”

Steve Buchanan Omaha explained that the farm to table movement always seems to have fine dining attached. However, he explained that many, budget-friendly restaurants benefit from purchasing fresh foods from local farms. Steve Buchanan Omaha explained that they can adjust their menus to suit the crops that are in-season and save big by not ordering specialty items from faraway places.

“The farm to table trend is aiding the environment in countless ways,” Steve Buchanan Omaha said. “Products no longer have to be hauled across the country on fuel-guzzling trucks to reach the restaurant, because we have the fresh product right here, right down the road.”

Steve Buchanan Omaha explained that shopping locally is a major way everyone can aid the environment. Farm to table restaurants aren’t ordering from faraway areas, which means less gas or diesel used, less greenhouse gases emitted, and countless other benefits. Shopping locally also means restaurateurs aren’t buying from major agricultural industries, which cause astronomical damage to the environment.

“The farm to table movement is one we believe is here to stay,” Steve Buchanan Omaha said. “The more customers know about the benefits of dining at farm to table restaurants, the more often they’re going to choose them over the alternatives.”